The Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee Inc (WICC)

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Watermans Road Catchment Project

Albany Hinterland Bushcare Devolved Grant Scheme

Albany Hinterland Landcare Coordinators Project

Hay Sheepwash Sub Catchment Project

WICC Past Projects

Community Landcare Coordinators Supporting On-Ground Works Across the Albany Hinterland

  1. Provide Coordinated technical assistance for the 3 major catchment groups

  2. Motivate farmers in catchments and neighbourhood groups to formulate and implement coordinated action.
    Started up 21 sub catchment groups (7 WICC, 8 OHCG, 6 AEH) worked with Government agencies to develop catchment plans

  3. To facilitate resolutions to local land disputes

  4. Raise awareness of the land degradation issues and implement practical solutions

  5. Assist the 3 catchment groups with coordinating hire of equipment and running major events

  6. Organise training courses for farm and business planning

  7. Work with government agency staff on field days, courses and working with catchment groups to develop catchment plans

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