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One of the major topics in the Wilson Inlet management debate has been the artificial breaching of the sand bar that builds across the mouth of the Inlet. This, the sixth in the series of reports to the community on Wilson Inlet, summarises our understanding of coastal processes, the dynamics of the sandbar, and the hydrodynamics in Wilson Inlet.

There have been a number of previous studies into aspects of the Wilson Inlet ocean entrance and the flushing of the Inlet. Using the information gained from a review of these studies independent coastal engineers MP Rogers & Associates, produced a synthesis of the main features of the hydrodynamics and coastal processes relevant to the ocean entrance of Wilson Inlet. The full list of reviewed documents is provided at the end of this report. Using this synthesis, independent hydraulic modelling and the scientific understanding from the NEMP program, a number of possible management options for the Wilson Inlet ocean entrance were examined.

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