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Summary of Actions

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Summary of Actions

Implementing the Plan

Measuring success

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Measuring success

Targets are being developed for the Action Plan, that relate to the overall objective of improving water quality and reducing the risk of algal blooms. Targets are also being developed for annual programs of work, so that success can be measured.

A combination of water quality and implementation targets is provided below, and is suggested as indicators by which to judge the success of the Action Plan.

TargetHow measuredAgency ResponsibleTarget date
Reduction in average nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations from Sunny Glen, Cuppup, and Sleeman to achieve downward trend.Monitoring of nutrient concentrations at bottom of catchments. Use of target concentrationsWRC2012
All Water Corporation drains fenced to prevent livestock accessInspection and mappingWC/WICC2007
30% increase in fencing of Sleeman and Cuppup RiversComparison with 1999 SurveyWICC2007
All licensed premises to be in compliance with nutrient management conditionsAnnual auditWRC2005
Inlet floodplain to be incorporated into land use planning guidanceReview of Local Planning Strategies and SchemesDPI/LGA's2005

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