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Summary of Actions

Implementing the Plan

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Implementing the Wilson Inlet Action Plan

Written endorsement of the Action Plan will be sought from agencies to ensure support is provided for its implementation. The Water and Rivers Commission will undertake overall coordination of the Action Plan's implementation.

The Wilson Inlet Management Advisory Group and Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee will manage implementation of the Action Plan for the Inlet and catchment respectively, working in partnership with WRC. Annual programs of work to be implemented will be prepared, with costs, responsibilities, schedule and targets.

Responsibility for each action will be with the lead agency or group named against each Action. Resourcing of Actions will be expected from agencies named, and applications will be made from various funding sources to assist in implementation.

Implementation of the Plan will be reviewed and the Plan itself updated on an 'as needs be basis', not expected to exceed 5 years. It is expected that this review will be undertaken by the Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee, Wilson Inlet Management Advisory Group and WRC, in partnership with other stakeholders.

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