The Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee Inc (WICC)

Summary of Actions

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Summary of Actions

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The Action Plan identifies three necessary strategies to improve the condition of Wilson Inlet. These are:

A) Reducing nutrients from the catchment

Unless nutrient levels are reduced from all sources there is a real risk excess macroalgal growth will continue and phytoplankton blooms may become worse in terms of amount and distribution. Reducing nutrient inputs should bring about a reduction in algae growth.

B) Managing the Inlet to maximise nutrient processing and export.

It is considered that the Inlet's ability to process and export nutrients will be assisted by maximising Inlet water levels, providing consistent bar opening locations and better management of development and land uses located on the Inlet's former floodplain.

C) Monitoring and reporting to guide the effectiveness of management.

Better information is needed to determine the impacts of certain land uses, and to judge the effectiveness of management methods. Monitoring is needed to determine whether the Inlet's condition is improving or worsening.

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