Acid Sulphate Soils Guideline

Preparation of acid sulfate soil management plan (ASSMP)


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Acid Sulfate Soils Guideline Series

Preparation of acid sulfate soil management plan (ASSMP)

1.0 Introduction

An acid sulfate soil management plan (ASSMP) should outline the strategies to manage potential impacts of development works that are likely to disturb acid sulfate soils. The ASSMP needs to specify all potential environmental impacts, performance criteria, and mitigation strategies together with relevant monitoring and reporting requirements, and where an undesirable impact or unforeseen level of impact occurs, the appropriate corrective action.

The ASSMP should be structured to address the key elements of environmental management onsite and in proximity to the site for the life of the development. Performance criteria for all elements are determined in the process of formulating an acceptable plan. The plan should contain clear commitments which are auditable.

The ASSMP should be read in conjunction with the other guidelines in the series; Identification and investigation of acid sulfate soils and groundwater and Treatment and management of disturbed acid sulfate soils and acidic ground and surface waters.

Refer to Figure 1 for an outline of acid sulfate soil assessment phases and mitigation options.

Figure 1: Acid Sulfate Soil (ASS) Assessment Phases and Mitigation Options

Adapted from: Stone, Y, Ahern CR, & Blunden B (1998) NSW Acid Sulfate Soils Manual

2.0 Purpose of the Guidelines

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance:
  • on the range of considerations to be taken into account in deciding the best management practices to minimise impact from acid sulfate soils. The guidelines are not prescriptive, but provide general advice on how to minimise impacts to the environment.

  • to assist decision making on land where acid sulfate soils occur, and provide better management strategies for the proponent in carrying out activities that may disturb acid sulfate soils.

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