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Most reports are available as both a PDF (complete document, sometimes very large, but suitable for printing) and as on-line web pages (suitable for reading on-line or accessing over a slower modem line). Files marked as ZIP are compressed archives, containing multiple documents, and are provided for downloading and expanding into printable documents.

The Wilson Inlet 9[PDF: 468Kb]
Report to the Community: Water Quality in the Wilson Inlet from 2002 -2006

WICC Past Projects Summaries [web pages] [PDF: 164Kb]

Wilson Inlet Nutrient Reduction Action Plan[web pages] [ZIP: 244Kb]
Summary of Actions Draft for public and agency consultation prepared for Water and Rivers Commission Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee Wilson Inlet Management Advisory Group (Including Nutrient Map) - August 2002

March 2005 Update[web pages] [PDF: 196Kb]
May 2005 Update[web pages] [PDF: 176Kb]
Wilson Inlet Nutrient Reduction Action Plan Operational Updates

The Wilson Inlet 5[web pages] [PDF: 484Kb]
Report to the Community: Water Quality in the Wilson Inlet from 1995 -2002

The Wilson Inlet 6[web pages] [PDF: 560Kb]
Report to the Community: Managing the Bar and the Inlet

Preparation of Acid Sulfate Soil Management Plan[web pages] [PDF: 80Kb]
Treatment and Management of Disturbed Acid Sulfate Soils and Acidic Ground and Surface Waters[web pages] [PDF: 216Kb]
Identification and Investigation of Acid Sulfate Soils and Groundwater[web pages] [PDF: 224Kb]
Assessing the Acidity of Water Draining into Rivers and Estuaries. Introduction to Acidity and ph.[web pages] [PDF: 212Kb]
Draft DEWCP and EPA Guidance on Managing Acid Sulfate Soils[web pages] [PDF: 164Kb]
Reports for Department of Environment Western Australia

Investigation of Soil and Groundwater Acidity, Stirling Report to the Minister for the Environment and Heritage April 2002[web pages] [PDF: 868Kb]
Water & Rivers Commission
Department of Environmental Protection

Guidelines for Sampling and Analysis of Lowland Acid Sulfate Soils in Queensland 1998 [PDF: 248Kb]
Department of Natural Resources Queensland

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